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About Us

The Colosseum Gym Cardiff opened its doors as of August 2019.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality fitness classes, inhouse programming and offer highly motivated and qualified coaches.

In our short time being open, we have established ourselves as one of the best Strength & Conditioning gyms in Wales and have developed a friendly, welcoming community atmosphere that sets us apart from other gyms.


Our Story

Our story has not been an easy one. We opened our doors in August 2019 and we began to build a solid community of amazing members and felt humbled to have such a strong knit Colosseum family in such a short space of time. Our members truly are the heart and soul of our gym!

But after only 6 months of being open, in February 2020 our Gym and the entire estate was devastated by a flood. An event that very nearly destroyed our dreams and put an end to the Colosseum. 

1 Month later, a global pandemic made it near impossible for us to rebuild our facility, shutting us down along with the rest of Wales, we were stuck with a an empty unit. No equipment, members leaving us and what seemed like little hope. It would have been easy for us to walk away. 

But, with the spirit of our community, our new found family and a never surrender attitude we bounced back! 

The gym was rebuilt. Better than before! Most would say our luck has been terrible. But we say that if we can survive the damage caused by a flood and a global pandemic then we are meant to be here. Nothing can break us. Nothing can stop us.


We stand here today, just like the Colosseum. Proud, strong and unbreakable.

Meet The Team

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